About Us

“Kids just don’t play the way they used to,” we hear when we talk to parents. “When I was a kid, my parents had to yell to get me to come inside for dinner. Now that I’m a parent, I find myself yelling to get my kids to go outside and play.” With 350 channels of TV, YouTube, video games, and the Internet, the way kids play has changed indeed. Unfortunately, getting kids to run around outside is just not as simple as turning off the TV and opening the back door.

Cabin Fever is on a mission to help kids play more actively outdoors through fun new toys and technology.

Our inspiration is academic research showing kids who get more active play are not only healthier, but able to learn better and are more likely to grow up as healthy adults. Our approach is based on years of toy and tech industry experience that tells us that great products- FUN products- are a critical first step in engaging an audience. We are hard at work on our first product which we hope to deliver to market in late 2011.

Cabin Fever Toys is a private company based in Seattle, Washington. Our business was one of ten selected from hundreds of applicants to participate in Seattle Techstars. Interested in what we’re doing? We’d love to hear from you!


One Response to About Us

  1. Nick Dasek says:

    Hi – I’m interested in learning more about your business venture. I’m a proud parent of a 5-month old boy and I’m a play-games-and-run-around enthusiast. My wife and I don’t have a TV and our PC recently crashed, as a result, we’ve been forced to use our brains and find creative ways to have fun.

    Although still a baby, my sincere hope is that our little boy loves to play outside and finds things he really enjoys doing outside of watching TV, video games, etc… . I think you may have creative ideas in helping us teach our kid(s) to be active.



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