Don’t forget to make it fun

As I continue to develop the brand, product ideas, the launch product, and pitch to partners and investors, it’s becoming clear that toys for active play need to be fun. It looks obvious and a little stupid to put that in writing, but I think it’s easy to lose sight of this fact as I hear more from fitness experts concerned with metrics and investors concerned with business models.

After a recent pitch, an investor drew the analogy to educational software games, which seemed like such a great idea until kids realized that regular games were way more fun. Thus, the category imploded leaving kids less educated and investors less wealthy. Like the first generation of education software, it’s clear that some of today’s new active lifestyle items for kids are great fitness devices with really interesting rewards systems. I’m wearing a brand new wristband from S2H as proof of this point. Interesting idea for measuring and rewarding physical activity, but not doing much to help physical activity itself be more fun for kids with sedentary tendencies. Is this the analog to educational software?

Though it didn’t cross my mind during my pitch, I’m now left remembering how successful LeapFrog was in changing the landscape when they brought a new technology to bear on the space. Seems like the same can be done (must be done!) when it comes to toys for active play.

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